15 Steps to Get You Back Selling on Amazon in 14 Days or Less

And 1 Step to Maintaining Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

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Part 1: How to sell on Amazon after an Account Suspension

Step 1: Read through this ENTIRE PDF before leaping into action. Every step is crucial. The last paragraph on page 11 is one of the most important. The final step is on page 12.

Step 2: Before opening up a new corporation or LLC, you need to secure a new corporate address. This is the address the IRS will use to identify your company, and subsequently, Amazon.

I recommend using a Virtual Office Service IN ANOTHER STATE to secure your new company address. This service will provide you with your own unique, physical business address. Packages and mail can be received there and forwarded to your current home or business location. Inventory can also be shipped to your virtual office location where staff will mail it on to Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Phone Answering Services are also available.

Step 3: Open up a professional e-mail account. I personally use Zoho Mail.

Step 4: Using your new Virtual Office address IN ANOTHER STATE, open up a new Corporation or LLC. For instance, if your new virtual office address is in Maine, open up your new company in Maine.

Make positively, absolutely sure you pay to have a Registered Agent.
Without the Registered Agent, all of this work is null and void.

The Registered Agent that I use for myself and for clients won't give out any information about the company or the owner. If an organization is insistent, for instance, they will be asked to send a request on company letterhead to be answered within 15 days. The Virtual office will overnight the letter so we can prepare a response within 15 days. The ONLY people the registered agent will give information about the company or its owners to without a request on letterhead is the FBI.

Step 5: Open up a new company bank account. Most banks require at least $100 deposit to open the account. Make sure you have at least $4 in the bank account when you re-apply on Amazon, since Amazon charges $4 to your debit card to make sure the bank account is active.

The Virtual Office I use opens the bank account up for you, so make sure to ask about it.
Or, just drive to one and open it up in person. Use the new virtual office address, so that the business debit card will go there. The Virtual Office usually overnights the debit card as a courtesy to you as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Don't risk this by having them send the debit card to your home address. It invites an opportunity for the bank to make an error with the billing address for your debit card, which has to be the same as your virtual office address.

Make sure the bank you use has wire transfer ability and online banking. You will need to be able to transfer money from your new business bank account as soon as Amazon deposits into it. I transfer the funds into my old business account, since I use that account to purchase inventory.

Step 6: Relax. Most of the hard part is done.

Step 7: Activate a new phone to use as your business telephone. Pay to have the virtual office staff add you a line or find an old flip phone (NOT a smart phone) and add service. Most plans add a line to an existing phone plan for $9.99. Again, the new phone must be an old flip phone with NO data plan or Internet capabilities. If you cannot find one, look on Craigslist or ask an older relative.

This old flip phone will be your new company phone for Amazon. Set it up to have text capability, which should be minimal or free. This will be the phone number you use to sign up with Amazon.

Step 8: While you are at the Verizon Store or wherever adding service to this phone, ask for a new telephone number with an area code from the state you incorporated in.

Step 9: Just as a precaution, go ahead and get a new phone number and area code from the state you incorporate in for your everyday phone as well. It will break you from automatically entering in old phone numbers on web forms.

Step 10: Buy a new computer. I have heard that Amazon's cookies are permanent, so the safest option would be to buy a new one.

Most stores, if not all, have at least a 15-day window for returns. So, if your computer purchase turns out to be unnecessary, you can always return it.

Also, by only logging into Amazon with your new computer or laptop, you give yourself one more layer of protection.

Steps 11-15:  If you would like to know the last 5 steps, you can email us at: contact@thom-line.com

We email the last 5 steps in great detail for free, including actual screen shots of the sign up process with Amazon to show exactly what to fill in at each step.

We also include the 1 Step to Maintaining Multiple Accounts on Amazon.

It is more information than I can put on this blog.

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